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The book titled «Exeria, a precursor of Galician culture» answers the questions necessary to know the life and circumstances of this emblematic figure, so admirable.

Exeria, Egeria , Etheria or Ætheria was a Christian woman from Gallaecia, author of a detailed account of a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the 4th century.

Her manuscript, called as Peregrinatio or Itinerarium Egeriae, is addressed to a circle of women at home. The historical details it contains establish the journey between 381 and 384, making it the earliest of its kind.

It is only preserved in fragmentary form in a later copy, without title, date or attribution.

Who was Exeria?
What did she do?
How was she able to face the journey?
When was the manuscript discovered?
How important is his legacy?
What are his works?

In addition to these topics, the book contains the 23 missives he wrote to relate his experience to his sisters who were waiting for news of the journey.

The book can be obtained by following this link

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